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Announcing BIG NEWS!

Announcing BIG NEWS!

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This is totally understandable & I can relate! 

Summer music camps & festivals really shaped who I became as a person and as an artist.  


I would count down the days to the blissful summertime, look forward to those summer months to enjoy the fun of sharing the love of music, being with my friends, making life-long friends, learning new repertoire, study with great teachers & artists, feel the excitement and jitters of playing on stage, and challenging myself to new levels. 

Young cellists are bummed out that they will miss out on opportunities to hang with their music friends, learn from fantastic teachers, work through their repertoire and experience the fun & camaraderie of a summer music festival. 

As difficult & frustrating as these times are of being home all the time, I truly see an opportunity for massive growth and learning in a completely new and innovative way.  

For the last 20 years, ​I have been a leader in training the next generation of cellists in achieving massive results & transformation in areas like developing a solid technique & foundation, creating a passionate sound full of energy & conviction,  practice productivity hacks, how to beat performance nerves and much much more. 


I’ve always been fascinated by the connection between motivation and execution.  Being really excited about learning something and then, what it takes to actually deliver those results, with a custom-designed plan.  

Because I have real-life experience performing on stages all over the world,  I know what key performance strategies have worked for me on stage and what haven’t.  


I’ve helped hundreds of musicians transform their playing in a fun, engaging, and inspiring way.   Most importantly, I know how to draw out my students' unique and personal voice as an artist, no matter what the level. 


I want to save you years of time and energy breaking old habits & setting artistic goals that will really get you excited about playing the cello.   

And that’s why I am so excited to announce 

Miss Ani's Winter Cello Fest:

A 4 day jam-packed & transformational virtual cello workshop with world-class artists sharing their artistry & key strategies with the next generation of cello players sparking passion-driven learning & collaboration!

Inspiring & highly personalized classes with world-class cellists on:

  • Technique boot camp

  • Learn to Improvise

  • Global World Music

  • Exploration of the beloved Bach cello suites

  • Yoga/Cardio boot camp

  • Contemporary music 

  • One-on-one check-ins

  • How to arrange your favorite song on the cello no matter the genre (Broadway, pop, jazz)

  • Practice productivity hacks & key strategies in turning any dream project into reality

  • Stage presence and beat performance nerves

  • Innovative video recording projects

  • Solo masterclasses with world-class artists

  • Community Engagement: Future online performance outreach for those in need

  • Bonus Video Content to continue learning and growth well after the workshop & more!


You will walk away with a game plan custom-designed specially for your next level of learning & achieve months of progress in just 5 days.  


This workshop kicks off on July 6th, but there are a limited number of spots available!  So let's talk now to guarantee you a spot in the workshop and if this sounds like a great fit for you, please reach out and register on the form below.  


If you register by June 3rd, you will actually get access to my Early Bird Bonus which is my top 5 Summer Practice Productivity Hacks you won't want to miss!  


Official Application Deadline: June 18, 2020

Wouldn’t it be great to ignite your love for music again and have fun during the process?  Let's get you back on track & set you up for musical success this summer!



FEBRUARY 13-16, 2021



10 AM-2:30 PM




For the motivated intermediate or advanced student who loves the cello and wants to take it all to the next level

​In my Pop-up Workshop, I will be sharing some of the secrets and techniques that literally took me decades to learn.

In 5 days, I’ll show an exclusive group of highly motivated musicians how to: 

-take their daily routine to the next level so they can play better

-achieve their goals faster

-have more fun with an amazing online community of fellow cellists & world class artists. 





This is not a cookie cutter approach, and not your run of the mill technique class or camp. 

Most importantly, it won’t be BORING.

We are talking

-more fun

-less stress

-more inspired learning

-less frustration  


You will completely transform your understanding of HOW to practice effectively and efficiently & break old habits all while having a blast with your cello friends!

CH- EMS Students and instructors with mu

If you are a Parent, you might be thinking...

How am I going to create a summer that is going to


-->foster my child’s learning and growth instead of, let’s face it, directionless days with the majority of hours that are spent in front of screens. 


-->You may feel burned out or exhausted from the idea of figuring out what offerings will fit best for your child online in a safe environment. 

-->motivates my child to practice & setting fun new goals especially with so many hours at home during the summer time. (and also give you a break and chance to do your own thing! :)


If you are a Student, you might be thinking...

Wow, since I’ve basically finished Netflix & I'm playing hours of video games or just on my phone a lot--->where do I go from here? 


-->You might be feeling bored & lonely at home


-->that your whole sense of routine is out of whack.


-->that you are on auto-pilot not really knowing what strategy to take and kind of feeling tired from all of the long hours of work. 


-->You may feel glazed and unfocused because you miss being in a school environment and just being out and about with your friends. 


Hello Cellists!


My name is Ani Kalayjian, and I am a concert cellist, artistic director of Carriage House Concerts, and co-artistic director of Lyrica Chamber Music.  I am also an educator & a musician's coach.  


I have a question for you feel like you are in a rut at home?  You’re bored, & you’ve basically finished Netlix?  ​​


Are you tired of feeling glazed and unmotivated in your practicing?

Here’s the thing---The problem is, because of Covid-19,  we feel uncertain about what the future holds for us.  We had a really exciting summer planned ahead, but now all of our plans have been put on hold. 


We really don’t have a sense of when things might go back to normal, and we are left wondering what am I going to do for this long summer ahead? 


Grace Lanava,
cello student

Working with Ani has been great because I have a mentor and a teacher that helped me to develop my playing as I was just starting.  When I went into high school, I was worried that I wouldn't be playing as much, but studying with Ani helped me keep motivated.  I got to expand my repertoire with Ani by learning pieces that I was actually interested in playing.  She also made sure  to focus on technique and skill which has had a huge impact on my playing overall.  Ani's true passion for cello has continuously inspired me to continue on my journey with cello. 

Moni Simeonov,

Violinist & Director of String Studies at Cal State University Long Beach

Thank you for your generosity in spending time with our students in LA!  Your life experiences, keen observations, and deep consideration for the struggles of the 21st-eentury musician seeped through every comment.  The topics you chose for us covered a great range and you communicated them with a perfect balance of gravitas, energy, and optimism.  I can't wait for the whole department to experience your presentation next semester!

Maya Malouf,

violinist & professor at American University of Beirut

Ani's musician entrepreneur workshop was an eye opening experience.  I sensed a completely different energy in the room at the end of the workshop than when we began.  Students, who were initially tentative, were buzzing with creative energy, more hopeful and confident, and they had an awakened sense of curiosity regarding the possible impacts of their music making.  Ani has an interpersonal gift.  Through relating and guiding she is helping musicians follow and achieve their dreams.  

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