Ani gives talks and workshops around the country at festivals, schools, & universities on topics related to music career development, mindset, and building a successful career as a musician.  

The 21st-century musician:

Tips and tools for building your career in today’s music world 

Ani’s versatile career encompasses all of what it means to be a 21st-century musician. In this workshop, Ani will use her life experience as a performer, teacher, artistic director, contractor, music career consultant, and entrepreneur to teach students valuable music business skills in order to thrive and achieve success in the music world.

Talking points include:

  • Musician as an entrepreneur: how to turn your projects from dream to reality

  • monetize and build a lucrative private teaching/coaching business

  • creating a fulfilling & creatively inspiring career

  • how to turn setbacks into growth & learning

  • marketing and online presence

  • outsourcing

  • building your network, community, & mailing list

  • high-performance habits & productivity hacks

  • tapping into your creative flow 

  • abundance vs. scarcity mindset

  • negotiating artist fees

  • starting your own concert series: fundraising, building a board, writing grants

  • cultivating resourcefulness

  • define your artistic mission and vision

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